to our ranch!

We are Taylor & Cathryn Kerns, 6th generation family ranchers raising all natural, gourmet beef in the Bighorn Mountain pastures of Wyoming.

We are passionate about preserving the traditions of the West and Wildly good food. Through education, care for the land & our animals, we create deliberately better beef for our family and yours.


Dry-Aged Beef.

Freshly Butchered. 

Delivered to you.

We butcher beef fresh, every month and deliver to your door. Visit our online store and get on the list for your beef today! It's worth the wait. 

Back to the basics!

no added hormones, antibiotics or additives 


selectively bred

Our herd is a strategic combination of Gelbvieh, Hereford & Black Angus, thoughtfully bred for gentle disposition, high altitude adaptation, & quality meat yield.

raised by nature

Born and raised on 60,000 acres of the Big Horn Mountains and the family homestead, our cattle freely graze Wyoming's lush, protein rich native grasses and drink from pristine spring-fed creeks and rivers.

handled with care

Generations of experience have developed masterful animal husbandry and gentle cattle handling techniques that's proven to result in consistently tender meat, better flavor and quality cuts.

dedicated to health

We use no added hormones, additives or unnecessary antibiotics. As caring stewards, our cattle are only roped and given antibiotics in critical situations for that particular animal's health & wellbeing. 

finished to perfection

In the final 120 days, our cattle's pasture diet is supplemented with a locally sourced, non-GMO rolled barley and cracked corn blend for fuller flavor & marbling before being expertly dry-aged for 21-28 days.

delivered to you

We will either ship your order of gourmet beef safely to your door or have it available for local pick up at our new facility in Sheridan, Wyoming.


Natasza L, Washington

12/10 would recommend! Great price and even better quality! With Taylor & Cathryn, you know EXACTLY where your food comes from and how it was raised. You can feel good knowing you are eating responsibly-sourced food from local hardworking ranchers. Plus, you get a cool bag!

Warren C, Utah

I am totally impressed with this company, wonderful customer service, amazing meat, cut the way you want it, and shipped right to your front door. Two nights ago we grilled up our first Tenderloin and all I can say is, WOW! No need for a steak knife, as tender and juicy as you could possibly ask for. I am admittedly a bit of a steak snob, I know a good steak... and this was among the best I have ever eaten, anywhere!Keep up the great work, we will be patrons for life!

Amy F, South Carolina

Very nice people to work with! Taylor and Catherine were sweet and very helpful. Received shipment promptly in 2 days. Well packaged. And the meat is amazing!!!! And that’s a rave for someone who does not normally eat red meat! Try it...you’ll love it! 10 rating on a 0-10 ( 10 being the best). Truly Beef...you made me a carnivore and I love it!!!