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Question: Is your beef grass-fed?
Answer: Yes. We raise our cattle from beginning to end on the range and in the pasture. However, when it comes time to finish the animal, we grain-finish in the pasture. This means the animal has full access to a 150-acre pasture to graze while being grain-finished. This process creates a leaner beef with a full flavor profile.

Question: Where do you get your beef?
Answer: All our beef is born, bred, and raised on the family ranch near Sheridan, Wyoming. We can tell you almost anything about the animal you consume from bloodlines, health history, temperament, etc. 

Question: Who butchers your beef?
Answer: We process our own beef. After our butcher in Montana retired in June 2020, Taylor and I decided to open Western Heritage Meat Company, a USDA Inspected meat processing company, here in Sheridan, Wyoming. We are blessed to have an amazing team of butchers helping us feed our community.

Question: How will my beef be packaged?
Answer: All your beef will come in vacuum-sealed packages. 

Question: How will my beef be shipped to me?
Answer: We ship your beef frozen in a sturdy cardboard box with 2 inch styrofoam. You have the option to choose between overnight and 2 day shipping. Both are fine options.
Question: Will I be able to track my package?
Answer:  Yes. We work closely with UPS to ensure quality service and timely deliveries. You will be notified when your package has shipped and also be given your tracking number. 

Question: When will my package be sent to me?
Answer:  We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure your package has plenty of time to arrive to you safely. Any orders placed before Monday or Tuesday will be shipped out Monday or Tuesday. Any orders placed after Monday or Tuesday will be shipped out the following week.

Question: Is your beef flash frozen?
Answer: Yes. The butcher flash freezes all beef cuts once it's been packaged. This preserves the freshness and quality better than regular freezing and keeps the meat naturally red in appearance.

Question: Are there any additives to your beef?
Answer: No. You are getting a 100% natural product, unlike store-bought beef uses additives to keep meat red in appearance. 

Question: What is dry-aging?
Answer: Dry aging is a natural process that tenderizes the meat, concentrates flavors, and removes water. When you purchase dry-aged ground beef, you’re not paying extra for the water weight found in conventional ground beef (up to 30% of its weight!).

Question: Is your beef dry-aged?
Answer: Yes. We work closely with the butcher on all our butchering specifications, one of them being how long the beef is aged for. We dry-age our beef for 2-3 weeks, unlike store-bought beef, for optimum flavor and tenderness.

Question: Do you give your cattle growth hormones?
Answer: No. We don't believe in using growth hormones, plus it actually causes tougher meat in a final product.   

Question: Do you use antibiotics?
Answer: We are stewards of our animals, the environment and antibiotics for animal use. If an animal becomes sick, we do treat the animal. Sometimes treatment is simply taking the animal to a lower altitude, sometimes it's electrolytes, and sometimes it's a 72-hour antibiotic. Antibiotics are given only if necessary, and usually just once to the animal that needs it.  

Question: Will I have room in my freezer?
Answer: Our most popular package is the 25 pound package, which is about a cubic foot of space, and has no trouble fitting into the available freezer space of an ordinary home refrigerator.
Question: What weight are the ground beef packages?
Answer: Ground beef and stew meat come in 1 pound packages.
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