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We are always looking for great people to join our team! If you think you are a good fit, please check out our job openings below.

1. The Ranch

For individuals seeking employment on the live animal production side of our ranch operation and/or to participate on our cattle drives as crew, please visit Double Rafter Cattle Drives. 

Here you'll find full-time, seasonal, and internship positions available.

2. The Meat Processing

For individuals seeking employment in the meat cutting industry, join us at our USDA inspected meat processing plant, Western Heritage Meat Company.

We are always seeking hard workers with a passion for supporting family farm-to-table businesses like ours and good food, to join our team.

Here you'll find full-time and part-time positions available.

3. The Farm-to-Table

For individuals seeking employment in the last step of the farm-to-table process - getting beef from our ranch to the tables of many - please visit Truly Beef. 

Here you'll find part-time positions available.

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