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Made with Truly Beef kidney fat, dry-aged for 21 days on the carcass before being rendered down to the purest golden tallow, and cured for 4 weeks, this soap bar is as luxurious as it is nourishing. Our secret? Simple, natural, good ingredients. 


Why is beef tallow so nourishing for your skin?

Because, unlike plant-based moisturizers, beef tallow is actually recognized by your body. Its intensely hydrating fatty acids are readily absorbed into your body, bringing vitamins A, B12, D, E, & K, and the perfect balance of oleic and linoleic acids with it.


To quality test, we doled out test bars to our family & friends. It's unanimous! After using the soap on our hardworking hands, I'm 100% a believer in this product. Our hands felt clean but not dried out! In fact, the tallow left them feeling moisturized. I think you and your loved ones will LOVE this!

— Cathryn Kerns, Founder of Truly Beef


Plain Jane Ingredients:

Truly Beef tallow, lye, & Water


Raspberry Tea Infused Ingredients:

Truly Beef tallow, lye, Water, & Raspberry tea

Tallow Soap

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