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It's finally here! Truly LAMB! This Ewe-nique little Lamb Bundle is a 10 pound bundle of variety cuts of grass-finished lamb - Essentially, a quarter of a lamb!


These lambs are born, raised and finished on our ranch and processed at the USDA inspected facility that we own and operate. They have only ever grazed the wide variety of native grasses on the range, never been given mRNA vaccines, and have had a pretty good life, I'd say.


The package includes approximately:

6-8  Loin Chops

2-3 Pounds of Ground Lamb

1 Riblet

1  Leg of Lamb

2  Blade Chops  

1 Shank

1-2  Arm Chops


Possibly Soup Bones or Stew Meat (to make it 10 pounds)


Packaging & Shipping:

Shipped frozen, with dry ice and 2 day FedEx shipping. 

All cuts are vacuum sealed as pictured.

Ewe-nique Lamb Bundle

  • We donate 10% of our profits to a charity of your choosing! Check out our Give Back page to learn more about the charitable organizations we like to support. It's nothing extra out of pocket for you, just something we feel strongly about!

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