Smith Alley makes great beer and our cows love it! Just kidding. Smith Alley Brewing Company is where we get the spent brewers grains that we feed to our cattle. Still extremely high in protein, there is a lot of nurtients left in the barley that would otherwise go wasted if not fed to livestock.

Sackett's Market is an old-fashioned butcher shop and natural foods store. Their mantra is taking food back to basics, away from chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and processed foods. We are proud to provide them with local Truly \ Beef. 

Uptown Shabby Shack is an adventurous restaurant with a quirky take on your favorite comfort foods. You will be well taken care of and well fed with their generous portions and friendly service. We are proud to provide all of their ground beef.

Frackelton's is a buzzy restaurant in a historic building on Sheridan's Main Street and is known for their New American cuisine and delicious cocktails. We are proud to provide them with Truly Beef for their burgers. You must try a burger with their signature truffle fries!

Voted "Wyoming's Best Food Truck" by the Food Network, Bonafide Foods offers zesty home-cooked deliciousness made with sustainable, farm fresh, organic and pure ingredients sourced locally in Sheridan. We are proud to provide them with Truly \ Beef ground beef and roasts for their Bombass Burritos.


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