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Everything about the Brinton Birstro out in Big Horn, Wyoming is a treat! Enjoy a juicy Truly Beef burger at this New American cuisine restaurant with stunning views of the Bighorn Mountains and a large collection of Plains Indian and Western artwork.  

If you are looking to shop just a steak or two at a time, visit our meat processing plant in Sheridan, Western Heritage Meat Co!  We have cuts of all different kind available for retail sale. You can also shop from a wide selection of delicious local pork products as well!

Uptown Shabby Shack is an adventurous restaurant with a quirky take on your favorite comfort foods. You will be well taken care of and well fed with their generous portions and friendly service. We are proud to provide all of their ground beef.


We would love to work with you! Let's get in touch to brainstorm how to make that happen.

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